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Caring for seniors is our privilege

Services We Provide

If you need non-medical advice or have a personal care question, please call us 24/7.

Pacific Senior Care has helped my elderly parents with wonderful ladies. They have taken into account personalities and individual requests about their caregivers. Scheduling the hours needed was easy, too… When more care was needed they upped their game by bringing someone in with lots of experience with my parents’ particular needs. My parents and I couldn’t be happier with their care.

- Leah V, Ventura

Personal Care Management

We believe proper hygiene enhances physical and mental health. Our caregivers make every effort to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the personal care of you or your loved one’s well-being.

Assistance with bathing – shower, bath, sponge bath

Assistance with restroom activities

Assistance with personal hygiene – hair care, skin care, application of lotion, oral hygiene, etc.

Assistance with personal mobility – walking, light exercise, transfer mobility

Assistance with personal grooming and dressing

Home Management

We understand that maintaining daily household tasks can be burdensome. Our caregivers are highly trained to keep a neat and clean home environment so that you or your loved ones can enjoy relaxing in their home.

Maintain cleanliness of the home – dust furniture, mop floors, vacuum, etc.

Maintain sanitary bathrooms

Upkeep of bedrooms – make beds, change linen, etc.

Assist with laundry and ironing

Collect and take out garbage

Organize and arrange cupboards, closets, etc.

Wash and arrange dishes

Clean kitchen appliances

Care for house plants

Answer telephone and door

Bring in and sort mail

Assistance with letter writing and other correspondences

Birthday and anniversary reminders

Arrange family photos

Clip coupons for shopping

Meal Preparations

The benefits of healthy eating include higher energy levels, increased mental awareness, and resistance to disease. Good nutrition also keeps muscles, bones, and organs strong. Our caregivers will work with you or your loved ones to prepare well-balanced meals that can accommodate medical needs such as diabetes, allergies, or other health restrictions.

Prepare nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Prepare meals for special needs

Follow dietary restrictions

Assist in meal planning and clean-up

Grocery shopping

Monitor food expiration

Companionship during meals

Medication Reminders

It is important to take prescribed medication at scheduled times to maintain proper health and overall wellness, but with aging, it sometimes becomes difficult to remember. Our highly trained caregivers will give respectful reminders to you or your loved one to ensure that doctors and nurse instructions are followed.

Ensure medication is taken in appropriate dosage

Ensure medication is taken at suggested times

Maintain a permanent daily/weekly/monthly log of medicine intake

Assist in scheduling appointments

Pick up prescriptions

As per California law, only a licensed nurse-RN is authorized to perform certain duties such as IV therapy, administering insulin and injections, and other specific regulated duties. To adhere to California law, our highly trained caregivers will limit their services to the above described duties. Please call our office at 805-777-7090, if you have any questions.


Human beings are social by nature and look forward to socializing with people who share similar interests and understanding. When we grow older our social lives change as we no longer go to work or attend usual social events. This can lead to loneliness. Our passionate caregivers are trained in keeping you or your loved ones socially active with friends and family they enjoy.

Additionally, our clients do not have to miss a chance to do those activities they love. Whether it be a sporting event, visit a favorite art museum, charity function, or religious service, our trained caregivers will safely escort them to the event. At Pacific Senior Care, we match our caregiver’s interests, hobbies, personality, and experiences to that of you or your loved one for their overall well-being.

Offer companionship in house and with outside activities

Accompany on social visits with friends, family and community

Companionship on walks

Assist with hobbies such as playing cards, reading, watching movies, etc

Transportation & Travel Assistance

Our clients often taper off getting behind the wheel as their comfort level diminishes. We are highly concerned of the safety of you or your loved one and make sure to check our caregivers driving record with the DMV before they are hired. All of our caregivers not only carry their personal insurance, but also are insured with our corporate umbrella policy.

To and From Appointments

    Doctor’s appointments

    Nail salons, beauty parlors and hair-styling appointments

    Chiropractic and acupuncture appointments

    Physical therapy appointments

    Running Errands

    Drop off and pick up dry cleaning

    Grocery Shopping

    Bank errands

    Pick up prescription medications

    Trips to the post office

    Run miscellaneous errands


    Shop for loved one’s gifts

    Pick up a special occasion card

    Buy new clothes, shoes or any desired items

    Social Events and Life Enrichment Activities

    Lunch with friends

    Outings to the theater, museum, sporting events

    Trip to favorite restaurants

    Outings to the park or a local festival

    Church, synagogue, and other religious services

    Regular social club meetings

    Other special events and engagements

    Overnight Care / 24 Hour Care

    When your loved one needs care for longer hours, it is preferable they stay at home; Pacific Senior Care can provide compassionate caregivers to stay overnight. Our caregivers are available to help throughout the night. This option offers the client familiar surroundings of their home, preventing the need for a nursing home or facility.

    Normally, 24 hour care service is provided to clients who have difficulty with daily activities due to aging or disabilities. You or your loved one can stay in your own homes, in accustomed surroundings, rather than living in a nursing home or assisted living.

    Around the clock, 24 hour care is provided by two or three caregivers depending upon the circumstances and requirement of the client. Please call our office at 805-777-7090 for a detailed outline of this service. Our expert Care Manager will design a Custom Care Plan (CCP) to the needs of you or your loved one.

    Additionally, during the day time caregivers will provide the following Services:

    PT, OT, & Speech Therapy Assistance

    It’s so important to keep on a continuous routine once therapy is prescribed. Our caregivers provide standby assistance with specific exercises recommended by the client’s physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist. We motivate and encourage those in our care, striving to improve their condition.

    Encouraging and providing standby assistance with specific exercises

    Following a customized care plan with a routine to optimize strengthening/recovery

    One on one caregiver training at Hospitals, & Skilled Nursing Facilities/Rehab Facilities

    Home Inspection for safety & suggested DME (Durable Medical Equipment) needs

    Alzheimer and Dementia Care

    Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, which can eventually lead to the decreased ability to carry out the simplest of daily tasks, such as personal hygiene, medication or eating meals. The onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be troubling and challenging for both the individual who suffers and for the family members.

    Caring for your loved ones who have Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming. Families search for options including in home options or specialized nursing care facilities. Whatever the decision, our caregivers are ready to help. We provide non-medical Alzheimer patient care by compassionate caregivers, ranging from Respite Care to around-the-clock care, to help in their homes or nursing home.

    Alzheimer and dementia care often includes many of our other services:

    Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Care

    Arthritis is a disease that affects tissues that surround joints and other connective tissue. Typically, rheumatic conditions are characterized by pain and stiffness in and around one or more joints. The symptoms can develop gradually or suddenly. Certain rheumatic conditions can also involve the immune system and various internal organs of the body.

    According to the Center of Disease Control, physical activities such as walking, bicycling, and swimming have many benefits for people with arthritis. Moderate activity can lead to less pain, better physical function, mental health, and quality of life.

    At Pacific Senior Care, we create a custom care plan for your loved one’s individual needs so that they may enjoy activities they love and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our caregivers are trained to get your loved ones involved with moderate, low-impact physical activities, (as recommended by their doctor) to minimize the symptoms of arthritis. Whatever activities your loved ones love the most, our goal is to help them enjoy these activities as much as possible.

    When one suffers from the arthritis disease and has trouble doing daily activities such as cooking, housekeeping, and grooming, it may result in other problems, such as personal hygiene, nourishment, and staying active. We can help in these areas by providing:

    Respite Care for the Family

    Respite care means “a short period of rest or relief” to family members who have been providing care to their loved ones. Every caregiver needs some time-off. Though providing care to your loved one is emotionally fulfilling, it can also take a toll on you. You may feel isolated, exhausted or perhaps overwhelmed. At Pacific Senior Care, we will provide a temporary relief and respite so that you can recharge mentally, physically and spiritually.

    Our Respite Care for Family Caregivers Program will give you peace of mind when you take a holiday trip, cruise, attend a family occasion, or just want some time-off. We will custom design a Respite Care for Family Caregivers Program for your loved one’s specific needs. We are here to help for either a few hours a week, few days in a week or for several weeks at a time. 

    Partnered with Health Care Providers

    Everyone ages differently, but as we grow older, reflexes may slow down or we may have trouble hearing, remembering or comprehending the instructions of the doctor. You may also notice anxiety before a doctor’s appointment and reluctance in driving to the doctor office.

    If you have witnessed any of these symptoms, it may be time for your loved one to have assistance as they may not be able to handle this alone. At Pacific Senior Care, our experienced caregivers are trained to provide enormous assistance so your loved ones follow a healthy life-style – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

    We can help you with:

    Effective Communication – For healthy and wholesome care, it is important to have effective communication and follow-up with our client’s medical professionals. At Pacific Senior Care, our experienced caregivers are trained to ask direct and relevant questions for any health issues. For example; if your loved one is having diarrhea, instead of making a general question, “She is having diarrhea?” Our caregiver will ask the doctor specific questions such as, ”She is having diarrhea, should the medicine be changed?” or “Should she be on a different diet?” In addition to this, our caregiver will compassionately communicate with your loved one and assist in following the medical professional’s instructions.

    TransportationOur caregivers will safely drive to doctor’s appointment and back. They are licensed and insured to drive, even if you prefer they use your loved ones vehicle. They will also pick up medicine from the pharmacy.

    Safety is our main concern, and we ensure all of our caregiver’s driving records with the DMV are thoroughly checked before they are hired. All of our caregivers not only carry their own personal insurance at all times, but are also insured with our corporate umbrella policy.


    Our Commitment

    Pacific Senior Care is committed to helping our clients stay independent in their own home while exceeding expectations.

    Pacific Senior Care Offers…

    Free stress relief classes through meditation offered at specific locations

    Free seminars on legal, nutritional, mental and physical issues to help unravel some of the confusion and complications.