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Caring for seniors is our privilege

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Care

Human beings are social by nature and look forward to socializing with people who share similar interests and understanding.

When we grow older our social lives change, as we no longer go to work or attend usual social events, which can lead to loneliness. Our passionate caregivers are trained in keeping your loved ones socially active with friends and family they enjoy.

Additionally, our clients do not have to miss a chance to do those activities they love. Whether it be a sporting event, visit a favorite art museum, charity function, or religious service, our trained caregivers will safely escort them to the event. At Pacific Senior Care, we match our caregiver’s interests, hobbies, personality, and experiences to that of your loved ones for their overall well-being.

Offer companionship in house and with outside activities

Accompany on social visits with friends, family and community

Companionship on walks

Assist with hobbies such as playing cards, reading, watching movies, etc.